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Public Housing in Pembroke, MA

Safe & Affordable Housing

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Pembroke Housing Authority offers affordable apartments to the elderly & disabled as well as homes for low income families
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We offer safe, affordable rental housing for eligible families, the elderly, disabled, and others. Contact us at (781) 293-3088 today.
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If you have any issues with your residence, please call the maintenance hotline at (781) 293-6595. This line is available 24/7

Who Is Pembroke Housing Authority?
Pembroke Housing Authority offers low-income housing for the elderly, disabled, low-income families, and veterans. Public housing is a safety net for individuals in need.
Our Mission
To leverage the power of affordable, decent, safe, and stable housing to help communities thrive: and for the lower-income in our society to increase their potential for longer-term economic success and a sustained higher quality of life.
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