Pembroke Housing Authority
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Excellence and Commitment to those we house and care for


Public Housing in Pembroke, MA

Safe & Affordable Housing

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Pembroke Housing Authority offers affordable apartments to the elderly & disabled as well as homes for low income families
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We offer safe, affordable rental housing for eligible families, the elderly, disabled, and others. Contact us at (781) 293-3088 today.
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If you have any issues with your residence, please call the maintenance hotline at (781) 293-6595. This line is available 24/7

Who Is Pembroke Housing Authority?
Pembroke Housing Authority offers low-income housing for the elderly, disabled, low-income families, and veterans. Public housing is a safety net for individuals in need.
Our Mission
To leverage the power of affordable, decent, safe, and stable housing to help communities thrive: and for the lower-income in our society to increase their potential for longer-term economic success and a sustained higher quality of life.
  1. 2005 Ford Crown Vic police Interceptor, V-8, new tires, mileage 176,665
  2. 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, mileage 76,700 with Minute Mount snow package with 8’ plow, Tommy Gate power tailgate, good tires, engine runs but accelerator needs service, may not be drivable.
Vehicles may be purchased separately and are sold “as is”. Buyer is responsible for removing vehicles from site. Sealed bids will be accepted until 1:00 pm Friday, May 5, 2017.
Vehicles available for inspection at Kilcommons Drive Pembroke, MA Monday – Friday between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. For more information call 781-293-3088.
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