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Excellence and Commitment to those we house and care for


Safe & Affordable Housing

Nature — State Housing in Pembroke, MA
Pembroke Housing Authority was established in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 121B. The primary purpose of which is to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing for the elderly, veterans, and disabled persons, and for families of low income at rentals, which they can afford, until such time as there is no longer a need.
Mission Statement
To leverage the power of affordable, decent, safe, and stable housing to help communities thrive: and for the lower-income in our society to increase their potential for longer-term economic success and a sustained higher quality of life.
Vision Statement
The Pembroke Housing Authority empowers an innovative, diverse, dynamic, and productive team that works in a healthy, collaborative, and respectful manner towards a shared vision of excellence and commitment to those we house and care for.
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